Services - For over 25 years, Envirologic Technologies, Inc. has served as a full service environmental consulting and services firm based in southwest Michigan dedicated to assisting the regulated community in many facets of the environment.

  • Environmental Investigation & Remediation - In recent years, environmental remediation has become a hot topic as the American population has experienced a heightened sense of responsibility for the protection of our natural resources.
    • UST & AST - The regulatory requirements involving closure of underground storage tank (UST) systems can create a tedious and confusing task for many tank owners.
  • Due Diligence - Industrial and commercial real estate transactions usually require a certain degree of environmental due diligence to identify recognized environmental conditions.
    • Phase I Environmental Site Assessment - The Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) is a multi-faceted assessment of a property providing a comprehensive evaluation of the environmental concerns, most often used at the time of a real estate transaction.
    • Phase II Environmental Site Assessment - A Phase II Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) may be implemented if the potential for contamination has been identified through a Phase I ESA and is used to generate more concise physical data.
    • Baseline Environmental Assessment - When a property is determined to be contaminated (i.e., a "facility"), the Baseline Environmental Assessment (BEA) demonstrates how a new owner/operator will be able to differentiate contamination they could cause from pre-existing.
  • Compliance - As a top-notch compliance consulting and service provider, Envirologic is committed to staying abreast in the realm of ever-changing regulations and regulatory interpretation.
    • Air Quality - The Clean Air Act of 1990 added new requirements to an already complex set of State and Federal Regulations. Envirologic Technologies' permitting group is led by Mr. David Warwick.
    • Compliance Audits - Envirologic's compliance audit services are designed to meet the goals and objectives of the client.
    • Contingency Planning - Envirologic often assists companies that are required to develop and remain in compliance with many different types of Spill Control and Contingency Plans.
    • Outsourcing Environmental Expertise - Envirologic has assisted companies by providing Outsourcing Environmental Expertise by conducting assorted environmental tasks on an as-needed basis.
    • Storm Water - The Federal Clean Water Act of 1972 regulates the discharge of pollutants into the U.S. waterways. In 1987 Congress required the EPA to develop regulations for storm water discharges. The National Urban Runoff Program, indicated "storm water runoff from cities and industrial activities (including construction activities) carried pollutants to our nation's waterbodies". In 1994, the State of Michigan began issuing permit coverage as a result of the federal regulations through the Michigan Storm Water Program. Various industrial facilities are required to obtain permits for their discharge of storm water. Construction sites that disturb more than one acre or more of land, are also required to obtain permits for their storm water discharges.
  • Ecological Services - Envirologic utilizes our experience and innovation to help our clients build America's infrastructure and communities in a manner that respects the natural features and resources we live with.
  • Brownfields - The State of Michigan has established itself as a leader in encouraging and supporting Brownfield Redevelopment.
  • Field Services - Envirologic has over 27 years of experience providing in-house and subcontracted field support services.
    • Asbestos, Lead and Radon Services - Because many of the facilities our clients plan to redevelop contain hazardous materials or toxic vapor, our professional staff includes licensed asbestos, lead and radon professionals who can identify potential exposure concerns and provide a plan for eliminating those exposures and bring the facility into compliance.
    • Drilling - In an effort to provide comprehensive services to our clients, Envirologic acquired West Michigan Drilling, Inc.
    • Vapor Intrusion Services -

Industries Served - Envirologic serves the environmental consulting and services needs for a wide variety of industries.

  • Petroleum - Envirologic has worked in the petroleum industry for over 20 years. Our clients trust us to provide compliance support, remediation, investigations, and a variety of other services.
  • Government - Envirologic offers many advantageous services to Government organizations. State and federal mandates require certain environmental standards on projects, and we are experts on those specifications.
  • Industrial - Envirologic offers many services that benefit industrial companies. Industry faces several challenges in today's economy: pressures for market development, economic efficiencies, and stockholder returns.
  • Development - For years, Envirologic has provided the support to developers to overcome these challenges by creatively using existing incentives, bringing together various stakeholders, finding and utilizing various funding sources, and helping future owners understand the risks and environmental issues associated with their proposed development.
  • Utilities - Envirologic has a rich history of serving the utility industry.
  • Subcontractor - Envirologic is a company dedicated to providing the best solution for our clients.

Projects - Envirologic's work frequently has a profound effect on its clients and the communities they serve.

  • Acme Industrial Site - Envirologic has provided brownfield and environmental services to the Jackson County Brownfield Redevelopment Authority (JCBRA) since 2004, including the Acme Industrial Site.
  • Blue Water Convention Center - The public/private partnership created for this development invested over $9 million and over $14 million, respectively. The funding for the project included New Market Tax Credits, a Transportation Economic Development Grant from MDOT, USDA Rural Development support, a portion of the hotel tax, a County construction bond, an EPA Brownfield Assessment Grant through the St. Clair County Brownfield Redevelopment Authority, tax increment financing through the City of Port Huron Brownfield Redevelopment Authority which included support from the Michigan Strategic Fund for capture of school/state tax increment. The redevelopment project area included 13 individual parcels of land in a more or less rectangular shape, along the St. Clair River waterfront. The area included in the Brownfield Plan and adopted Act 381 Work Plan developed by Envirologic is comprised of these 13 parcels and an additional 0.7 miles of public right of way. This allows the local unit of government to capture a projected $1.1 million in taxes which will fulfill a projected shortfall in funding from other sources. It s also estimated that the local taxing districts will receive more than $4.4 million in additional revenue from the construction and first 10 years of operations of the hotel/restaurant, convention center and culinary school. The project represented a robust private-public partnership with many entities including St. Clair County, JB Real Estate Development, LLC, the City of Port Huron, St. Clair County Brownfield Redevelopment Authority, Michigan Strategic Fund, Michigan Department of Transportation, Baker College and private developers and operating entities. Envirologic as the approved consultant to the St. Clair County Brownfield Redevelopment Coalition, helped guide the local units of government through the process of local and State government approvals necessary to put the plan into place and helped foster a spirit of cooperation between State and local governments. With the completion of this development the community will enjoy significant benefits for years to come with new employment opportunities, college education and vocational programs, and the creation of economic growth.
  • Davis Creek Business Park - Envirologic work with the Kalamazoo County Brownfield Redevelopment and many partners to redevelop the former Lakeside Refinery site in Kalamazoo.
  • Former DTE Power Plant & Greenwood Oil Terminal - Envirologic was retained in 2014 by the leading North American redevelopment firm, Commercial Development Company, Inc. (CDC), who specializes in the acquisition of contaminated industrial sites and the environmental liabilities associated with them. Our role was to represent their environmental interest in the acquisition of the decommissioned DTE power plant in Marysville, Michigan, and associated Greenwood Oil Terminal. The 30-acre power plant complex was built in the 1920s, had reached its useful life and was prime real estate for revitalization. This waterfront real estate set empty until the plant was finally decommissioned in 2011 and available for sale. The 40-acre oil storage and distribution facility was constructed in the late 1970s and was supported by a deep water port located at the power plant. The terminal and deep water port are still usable, although currently not operating.
  • Louie's Fresh Market & Retail Center - Envirologic provides brownfield and environmental services to the Houghton County Brownfield Redevelopment Authority (HCBRA) in support of redevelopment of the new Louie's Fresh Market and Retail Center.
  • Midlink Business Park - Envirologic work with the Kalamazoo County Brownfield Redevelopment and many partners to redevelop the former General Motors stamping facility in Kalamazoo, Michigan.
  • Mill Point Station - Envirologic assisted the Village of Spring Lake with a Brownfield Plan to redevelop the former manufacturing site into a commercial development.
  • Sheffield Industrial - Envirologic worked on the Sheffield Industrial Site, formerly the Essex Wire site.

Blog - Envirologic's work frequently has a profound effect on its clients and the communities they serve.

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About - For over 25 years, Envirologic Technologies, Inc. has served as a full service environmental consulting and services firm dedicated to assisting the regulated community in many facets of environmental concerns.

  • Staff - The Envirologic staff consists of Biologists, Hydrogeologists, Geologists and more.
  • Community Involvement - Envirologic prides itself on staying involved in the communities in which we work and live.
  • Sustainability Philosophy - Envirologic's vision is to be a model of sustainability through our actions and education. We view sustainability as common sense practices that lessen our environmental impact and promote a better quality of life, while promoting business success.
  • Careers - Envirologic Technologies Inc. always accepts resumes from individuals who believe in our sustainability philosophy and can assist in the services we provide.
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