Honoring Martin Luther King Jr. Day

by Jeff Hawkins, CEO
Jan 21, 2019


I have lived a life of privilege, never really wanting for anything. I attribute that to the ethics of hard work, respect, love of God and love for my fellow earth dwellers which my parents and in-laws instilled in me. My father was a "country doctor" and always without exception treated those that needed his help regardless of their lot in life or their ability to pay him. My father-in-law was a college administrator working with students from all walks of life, always treating them with compassion and love looking to help them succeed in life. There are so many lessons and leaders in life that truly show us the right way to act and how we should treat people as did Dr. King. We need to do a better job of paying attention to those lessons and leaders. It is frustrating that today throughout the world people continue to struggle because of their race or religion. I never faced discrimination or judgment from anyone based on my race, so at times it is difficult for me to stand in the shoes of those that are discriminated against or just can't get ahead in life. That is why we need to open our eyes and our lives to those in need, embracing people regardless of the color of their skin or their life situation. Finding solutions to these endemic issues requires finding common ground. Dr. King's words of consensus ring so true, especially today with the dysfunction we see in our Nation's Capital. Hopefully, soon we can find some leaders that begin to "mold consensus" because in the end no action is no action and we all suffer.

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