New Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) ASTM Standards Announced

by David Stegink
Nov 1, 2013

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On November 6, 2013 the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) released its much anticipated 2013 update to the Standard Practice for Phase I Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs). This update has been in the works for quite some time and Envirologic has diligently followed its development and is ready to implement this new practice.

This new standard will introduce some new terms and redefine some existing terms to our clients - notably "Historic Recognized Environmental Conditions" and "Controlled Recognized Environmental Conditions". Historic Recognized Environmental Conditions are past releases that have been adequately addressed and meet unrestricted use criteria. Controlled Recognized Environmental Conditions are releases that have been addressed to the satisfaction of the regulatory agency but rely upon a control such as a land use restriction, zoning requirement, or engineering control. These terms reflect the past decades of risk-based cleanups which allow contaminants to remain in place on a property with specific controls in place to prevent unacceptable exposures.

Also new to the Phase I ESA standard is the introduction of vapor encroachment. This inclusion is due to the ever growing national concern for the migration of contaminants through soil gas (vapor). The standard requires the environmental professional to evaluate the potential for off-site releases to affect the property through the encroachment of contaminant vapors.

In anticipation of this change, Envirologic has been evaluating appropriate changes to our Phase I ESA report formats to reflect the new ASTM Standard. We are also taking advantage of this opportunity to evaluate our processes and communications to make sure we are efficient, concise and consistent with each environmental assessment. More to come on that effort.

As always, Envirologic strives to be a leader in the environmental services industry. You can be confident that we are up to date and knowledgeable about these changes in our industry. Our focus remains the same - effectively communicate risks to our clients, guide them through the various liability protection options available, and allow our clients to focus on building and developing their businesses.

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