Earth Day 2020

by Pam Jackson
Apr 22, 2020

Earth Day_2020

Sustainability has always been an essential component of what defines Envirologic as a company. Adhering to sound sustainability principles makes sense when our role is to assess and then manage the cleanup of contaminated properties throughout Michigan. This idea is reflected in the first statement of our company vision, "Do Good Work to Do Good."

Since Envirologic's inception, we have striven to be a model of sustainability through our actions, policies, and employee education. Over the years, we have implemented an abundance of internal initiatives, from conducting an office-wide sustainable renovation project in 2015 that focused on green building products and energy and lighting upgrades, to using 100% recycled paper for our business cards, letterhead, and stationary.

In 2019, the team reestablished our Sustainability Committee to ensure Envirologic is doing all it can in support of our Sustainability Philosophy. This volunteer committee is one of the largest committees within the company, showing that the culture of sustainability runs throughout the organization. Several of their efforts are highlighted below.

Envirologic Garden
The committee reinstituted our company's organic garden. This project was started a few years ago, but it needed some TLC to bring it back to life. It's amazing the number and variety of weeds that can overcome an empty garden in just a few years! It took our volunteers a month to clear out the weeds, rototill the garden, repair the fence, amend the soil, and design the garden. After all their efforts last year, the garden was a huge success, and everyone enjoyed copious amounts of fresh tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, herbs, and more throughout the growing season. The group has already met virtually to discuss what to plant in 2020. This is a wonderful project, and we are grateful to those team members that have volunteered their time and talent to make the "Enviro-Garden" a success.

Garden Harvest

Recycling Program
We've found the two most important elements of a successful recycling program to be education and easy access. We've worked with our waste hauler to understand what waste is recyclable and educated our staff, so they can adhere to the policy and make smart choices in the products they use and how they are disposed of.

We also have an established food composting program, which we started four years ago. Statistics show 40% of food in the U.S. goes to waste. Of that waste, over 97% ends up in the landfill. If you look at food waste facts for the U.S and around the world, it's alarming. Food composting is one more way we can reduce what we are sending to the landfill and meet our sustainability goals. We hope to use some of our compost in our garden this spring.

Recycle Bins

Employee Education
The committee continues to concentrate its efforts on education. Throughout the year, various members of the group share a topic or initiative with the team at our monthly FYI meetings. For Earth Week 2020, the committee is sharing daily emails highlighting issues that they hope will increase our team's environmental awareness at work and home. Topics include climate change, energy efficiency, upcycling, waste reduction, and the benefits of shopping locally.

Envirologic's vision is to be a model of sustainability through our actions and education. We view sustainability as common-sense practices that lessen our environmental impact and promote a better quality of life while promoting business success. It may take a little more work to be "green," but isn't our planet worth it?

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