Environmental Compliance

by Pam Jackson
Jun 2, 2020


Although compliance normally presents challenges for manufactures, this pandemic may present further obstacles and at times make compliance impossible to achieve. If you find yourself unable to maintain regulatory compliance, please contact our Environmental Compliance Group for help. If compliance can't be achieved, it is critical that the appropriate regulatory agencies are notified to minimize noncompliance violations and potential fines.

To successfully run a manufacturing business, it is imperative that you stay in compliance with state and federal government regulations -- for asset preservation, risk control and reduction, employee and public health, and protection of the environment. Failing to do so can result in a "notice of violation" and monetary fines. If you're an existing business, expanding, or new business, it's important to ensure you comply with all of the regulatory obligations that apply to your operation.

Twenty years ago, most manufacturers had on-staff Environmental Managers to ensure they maintained compliance. However, this is a position that has since been eliminated in many companies to optimize a slimmed-down workforce and is often not filled in new facilities. Those who do manage environmental compliance in house often wear multiple hats and aren't "experts" in the field. If you are an existing facility without an on-site compliance manager, it's important to remain vigilant in maintaining compliance.

As a business expands, it faces environmental risks associated with updated technologies and operations, property utilization, and corporate acquisition. If you are building a new facility, your facility is expanding with new automation, the number of your employees has increased, or you are utilizing new technologies, then you may need to update your compliance documentation. The successful business owner, with the help of an environmental professional, will anticipate these evolving compliance needs. Together, they will develop plans to continue the facility's obligations to maintain regulatory compliance and control risks.

Envirologic has been an environmental compliance partner of manufacturing facilities for over 30 years. Our experienced team will provide you with the resources necessary to achieve and demonstrate regulatory compliance. It's your job to run a successful manufacturing business; it's our job to help you meet your environmental compliance obligations.

Please review our recent Compliance Project: WKW Extrusion
"Working with Envirologic was very helpful. They took time to collect data for our specific location to ensure accuracy on the project. Envirologic helped to guide us in the right direction for current and future state and federal reporting requirements." - Luke Ryskamp, WKW Extrusion

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