"Get Onboard Campaign" - Inland Seas Education Association

by Pam Jackson
Jun 23, 2015

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We believe in the triple bottom line business model that measures company profits using three performance indicators; social, environmental, and economic. With this principle in mind, we support organizations that strive to make positive change through the work they do, the education they deliver or the assistance they provide. Envirologic champions a number of socially and environmentally conscious organizations throughout Michigan. One such group is The Inland Seas Education Association (ISEA) in Suttons Bay.

The ISEA is an organization near and dear to team member, and Project Scientist, Brad Yocum's heart. His father Thom Yocum, is on their Board of Directors, and has volunteered, instructed and held positions on many of their committees for 13 years. The Inland Seas Education Association is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization whose mission is to inspire Great Lakes curiosity, stewardship, and passion to people of all ages. Through hands-on, experiential learning activities aboard a traditionally-rigged tall ship schooner, participants gain the knowledge needed to understand the commitment necessary for the long-term stewardship of the Great Lakes.

Last summer Brad and his family had a chance to join his father on a Great Lakes Discovery Sail, and the experience was incredibly rewarding. "There is nothing like the hands-on experience aboard the Inland Seas, where children and adults learn about Great Lakes biology and ecology," said Brad. Every year, as many as 5,000 students sail and learn aboard the science-lab equipped ships. Additionally, many teachers go aboard to learn how they can incorporate aspects from the educational sailing trips into their curriculum during the school year.

Brad has been with Envirologic for 12 years and holds a Master of Science in Conservation Biology from Central Michigan University, and a Bachelor of Science in Natural Resource and Ecology Management from the University of Michigan. Brad is an accomplished Biologist and is instrumental in many of our projects which includes work on environmental site assessments, wetland identification, environmental permitting and endangered species surveys. His knowledge and expertise provides our clients the highest level of commitment and skill.

Brad Yocum

Brad Yocum

Thom Yocum

Thom Yocum

How can YOU help? The Inland Seas Education Association recently launched a Get Onboard Campaign with a goal of raising $75,000. To assist with this campaign, The Herbert H. and Grace A. Dow Foundation pledged a matching grant. For every new donor dollar raised, the Dow Foundation will match it up to $75,000 through May 15, 2016. In addition to reaching this financial goal, they also need 50 new volunteers to assist in providing programming to the increasing number of individuals they reach. If this is an organization that you would like to support, learn more on their website, give to their Get Onboard Campaign or head up to Suttons Bay, MI, or one of the other Great Lakes ports they will be departing from this year, and enjoy one of their sailing experiences. If you go, send us photos so we can post them for all to see!

A few important statistics from ISEA

  • 20% of the world's supply of surface fresh water is in the Great Lakes. ISEA plays an important role in protecting this critical resource.
  • STEM (science, math, engineering, technology) jobs are expected to grow faster than all other occupations from 2012-2022. ISEA inspires students to pursue careers in the STEM fields.
  • STEM (science, math, engineering, technology) jobs are expected to grow faster than all other occupations from 2012-2022. ISEA inspires students to pursue careers in the STEM fields.
  • 50% of the world's population will live in high water stress by 2030. Solutions to big problems always begin with education.
  • The Great Lakes region boasts the world's 4th largest economy, with a combined GDP of $4.7 trillion. ISEA's work has tremendous economic significance.
  • Outflows from the Great Lakes are relatively small, so pollutants that enter the Great Lakes are retained and become more concentrated with time. ISEA monitors the health of the Great Lakes through the research completed during our programs. Participants are part of this research process.

Join us in supporting this organization by donating or volunteering today! Many thanks to Brad and Thom Yocum for bringing this inspiring organization into the Envirologic fold.

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