What Do You Know About Incremental Sampling Methodology (ISM)?

by Pam Jackson
Oct 30, 2015

Schipper's Crossing

If you recently attended DEQs Environmental Remediation and Risk Management Conference, you had the opportunity to attend two sessions focused on this sampling method. The conference featured case studies that reviewed the use of Incremental Sampling Methodology in obtaining a No Further Action Letter. Studies presented were all real sites, with real site conditions using cost-effective, innovative solutions. Risks were managed using sound science, highlighting the partnership between DEQ staff and consultants or property owners. Envirologic's Associate Vice President and Senior Hydrogeologist, David Bohan, co-presented a break-out session with DEQ's Alisa Lindsay.

David and Alisa's presentation recapped many years of work at Schipper's Crossing in Kalamazoo. The case study "Incremental Sampling for a Former Small Arms Practice Range "focused on the use of ISM at this site. The project location was an old wastewater solids disposal site with a portion historically used as a small arms practice range. Incremental sampling was used to evaluate the potential for unacceptable exposures to lead, via the direct contact exposure pathway, in the former practice range area.

The presentation focused on the use of ISM as a sampling method and included site history, project objectives, sampling plan design, implementation, and analytical results. ISM was used because it provides representative, reproducible, and defensible data and accurate average concentration for any constituent in an area. Additionally, in this case, ISM was used to limit field error typically associated with traditional (discrete) sampling methods. Although this type of sampling is more labor intensive, it reduces analytical costs.

If you would like to review the PowerPoint presentation, download the PDF here. If you have further questions about incremental sampling or other sampling methods, please contact David Bohan via email or by phone at 269.342.1100.

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