Meet the Team | Derrick Lingle, Project Geologist

by Pam Jackson
Apr 27, 2016

Derrick Lingle profile

In 2017, Derrick was promoted to Project Manager.
It started with an Internship through Southwest Michigan First's MIINTERNSHIP program. In the summer of 2013, Envirologic participated in the innovative internship program and hired then WMU graduate student, Derrick Lingle. The experience was invaluable for Derrick, and his contribution during the internship provided a strong indicator of how well he would fit in the company. In January of 2014, Derrick came on staff full-time as a Project Geologist where he has become a vital member of our team.

Derrick joins a pack of Michigan State fans at Envirologic, which is where he earned his undergraduate degree in Environmental Geology. Originally from Niles, he met his now wife, Elise, while in Lansing and they both moved to Kalamazoo to pursue advanced degrees at Western Michigan University in 2011. Although Derrick's youthful career goal was dentistry, he quickly realized his passion was in the Environmental Field and specifically Geology. Because Western Michigan offers a highly sought after Hydrogeology Field Course through the Department of Geosciences, Derrick felt WMU was the best fit with his intended concentration in hydrogeology.

Derrick's intelligence and professionalism are evident in all of his project work. His thesis, Origin of High Levels of Ammonium in Groundwater, Ottawa County, Michigan is an example of applying isotopes and other geochemical parameters to trace the source of a contaminant in an aquifer. In addition, he recently completed an Envirologic white paper, Tools to Help Characterize a Site During an Environmental Investigation, which focuses on sampling techniques used to evaluate contaminated sites. Our business is based in science, and we've always held true to our mission of providing our clients the highest level of technical expertise from our team.

As a Project Geologist, Derrick spends much of his time focused on Remedial Investigations (RI). The primary purpose of a RI is to determine the nature and the extent of contamination at a site. This could be industrial or utility sites, manufacturing facilities, or petroleum distribution facilities. This type of work combines field investigation, coordination of remedial activities and client and regulatory reports. Examples of this kind of work can be found under the Projects section of our website. Derrick is currently finishing up work with our Remediation team on a large decommissioned power plant project. This multi-year project required extensive investigation so that all areas of contamination could be defined and remedial actions identified. Now that the power plant has been demolished, the site clean-up is underway, and the site will be marketed to prospective developers later this year.

Now that you know Derrick, the professional, let's take a glimpse into the personal side of his life. He was married last June to Elise Lingle, a wonderful and intelligent woman who works as a Speech Pathologist at Bronson Battle Creek. Derrick enjoys cooking, which seems to be a trend among the scientists we hire. It must have something to do with the process of cooking; it's said good scientists and good cooks know you only get better with practice. Check out this great article 14 Ways Doing Science is Just Like Cooking, which explains what I mean. Derrick also enjoys fishing, and he always has a good mystery waiting to be read.

Since Derrick is a millennial, we asked him if he had a few words of wisdom for others still in school or just graduating. Travel if you can, you won't have the opportunity to take extended trips once you're employed. Also, join student professional organizations in your field of study and benefit from the mentors in the group. And ask questions about what your field of study actually looks like on a day-to-day basis. This is where the internship was helpful to Derrick. Working through a summer internship with our team enabled him to truly understand what would be required in the career he had chosen. Luckily, Derrick made the field of Geology his career choice which allowed Envirologic to make a great candidate choice!

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