Alger County is Successful in Securing EPA Brownfield Grant Funding

by Pam Jackson
May 11, 2016

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May 11, 2016
For Immediate Release

Alger County is Successful in Securing EPA Brownfield Grant Funding
Munising, MI " Alger County was successful in securing two U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Brownfield Community-Wide Assessment grants in 2015 to assess abandoned and contaminated properties. The funding was awarded through the EPA s Brownfields program. Brownfields are abandoned, idle, or underused industrial and commercial properties, often in urban areas, where expansion or redevelopment is hindered or complicated by real or perceived environmental conditions. These grants will provide the resources not only for environmental assessments but cleanup planning and community outreach activities as well. In Michigan, seven communities received the federal funds out of twenty-six applications. The communities that received funding have demonstrated leadership, developed strong local partnerships and have the skills necessary to transform brownfield sites into productive uses which will benefit targeted areas and the community as a whole.

Alger County s economic and cultural history include mining, iron smelting, logging, and leather tanning industries. These once thriving trades are long gone and have left behind vacant and contaminated sites, have taken away jobs, and reduced the county s tax base. In August of 2008, the county formed a Brownfield Redevelopment Authority (BRA), with the purpose of identifying possible brownfield sites in the County and subsequently searching for resources to help move them toward redevelopment. The Alger County BRA completed the site inventory and focused on four sites that disproportionately impact the communities of the City of Munising and the Village of Chatham. Because of their targeted efforts and a strong application, the BRA was able to secure the two EPA Brownfield grants for a total of $196,100.

The grant funds will provide needed evaluation and assessment of these specific sites, and allow for the development of conceptual plans for the safe and effective redevelopment of the properties. These highly competitive grant funds will help the county move forward with their vision and provide the targeted communities the resources necessary to leverage additional partnerships.

To learn more about Alger County s Brownfield Redevelopment Authority and how to submit a project application, please visit our website at


Alger County Brownfield Redevelopment Authority brochure.

Press Release - Alger County is Successful in Securing EPA Brownfield Grant Funding

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