Services - Envirologic serves clients completing hydrogeological investigations, remediation, risk-based corrective action activities and other related services.

  • Environmental Investigation & Remediation - Envirologic serves clients completing hydrogeological investigations, remediation, risk-based corrective action activities and other related services.
    • UST & AST - Envirologic is a Qualified Underground Storage Tank (UST) consultant. Our full-service tank management program helps clients address UST closure and compliance.
  • Brownfields - Envirologic is a leader in utilizing brownfield redevelopment tools and incentives, aiding communities and private developers throughout the Great Lakes region.
  • Environmental Due Diligence - Environmental Due Diligence allows new owners and operators to determine if a site is contaminated and, if so, provides liability protection.
    • Phase I Environmental Site Assessment - A Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) provides an evaluation of the environmental concerns at a property. Contact Envirologic to learn more and get a quote.
    • Phase II Environmental Site Assessment - A Phase II Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) is sometimes conducted if a potential for contamination is identified through a Phase I ESA. Contact Envirologic to learn more and get a quote.
    • Baseline Environmental Assessment - A Baseline Environmental Assessment (BEA) provides liability protection to new property owners and operators for pre-existing contamination. Contact Envirologic to learn more and get a quote.
  • Compliance - As a top-notch compliance consultant and service provider, Envirologic stays abreast of ever-changing regulations to help clients demonstrate regulatory compliance.
    • Air Quality - Envirologic provides air quality services ranging from education of plant personnel and technical assistance to complex submittals for multi-regulated sources.
    • Compliance Audits - Envirologic’s compliance audit services can be tailored to meet our clients’ needs. We also offer comprehensive audits for business acquisition and foreclosures.
    • Contingency Planning - Envirologic provides contingency planning services to companies that are required to develop and remain in compliance with various Spill Control and Contingency Plans.
    • Outsourcing Environmental Expertise - Envirologic outsources our environmental expertise on various environmental tasks on an as-needed basis. Contact us to see how we can help your business.
    • Storm Water - Envirologic provides storm water permitting and compliance services to various industrial facilities and construction sites required to obtain permits for storm water discharges.
  • Ecological Services - Envirologic offers a multitude of ecological services, from wetland delineation and permitting to threatened and endangered species surveys. See our service page for more information.
  • Field Services - Envirologic has 30+ years of experience providing in-house and subcontracted field services. Our technical staff acts as a seamless extension to your project staff.
    • Asbestos, Lead and Radon Services - Envirologic's staff includes licensed asbestos, lead, and radon professionals who can identify potential exposure concerns and provide a plan to eliminate those exposures.
    • Vapor Intrusion Services - Envirologic has the experience and expertise to support your project through the entire vapor intrusion (VI) investigation and mitigation process.
  • Construction Management Services -

Industries Served - Envirologic serves the environmental consulting and services needs for a wide variety of industries. Learn what services we can provide to support your project.

  • Petroleum - Envirologic has worked in the petroleum industry for 20+ years. We provide compliance support, remediation, investigations and a variety of other services.
  • Government - Envirologic offers many services to government organizations. State and federal mandates require certain environmental standards on projects, and we are experts on those specifications.
  • Manufacturing - Envirologic offers manufacturers and industrial companies many beneficial services including maintaining compliance, controlling risks, managing assets, and evaluating acquisition opportunities.
  • Development - Envirologic supports developers by creatively using existing incentives, finding and utilizing funding sources, and helping future owners understand the risks and environmental issues associated with their proposed development.
  • Utilities - Envirologic has a long history of serving the utilities industry. Check out some of the numerous services we can provide to support your project.
  • Subcontractor - As a full-service environmental consulting firm, Envirologic has experience working both as a subcontractor and with other subcontractors on various project types.

Projects - Envirologic's project work frequently has a profound effect on its clients and the communities they serve.

  • Air Quality Compliance -
  • Barrel + Beam - Envirologic provided due diligence and brownfield redevelopment services to a former vacant, functionally obsolete brownfield site to support the successful redevelopment of Barrel + Beam.
  • Biggby Coffee - Envirologic conducted due diligence activities and prepared a Brownfield Plan at this soon-to-be BIGGBY Coffee, which was a former gasoline and service station.
  • Blue Water Convention Center - Envirologic helped guide multiple entities of a public-private partnership during the successful redevelopment of the Blue Water Convention Center.
  • CityFlatsHotel - This redevelopment project converted a historic Michigan National Bank building located on the Black River in downtown Port Huron into an upscale hotel - the CityFlatsHotel.
  • CMS Manufacturing Facility - Envirologic secured an EGLE Grant and Loan for the CMS Manufacturing Facility project to fund a vapor intrusion mitigation system and other environmental services.
  • Former Gas Station | Bulk Fuel Facility - Although this property was located on a high-traffic, major commercial corridor in Marquette Township, Michigan, its status as a closed/vacant gas station and bulk fuel facility made prospective developers wary due to the challenges typically associated with environmental contamination from petroleum operations.
  • Former Gasoline Service Station - Envirologic performed due diligence and secured an EGLE Refined Petroleum Fund Grant to complete cleanup activities at this former gasoline service station.
  • Former Harbor Beach Power Plant - Envirologic initially reviewed the existing Phase I and Phase II ESA to determine which regulatory processes needed to be performed to secure an NFA determination. It was concluded that before closure could occur, several areas of the facility required additional remedial investigation and environmental cleanup.
  • Former Marysville Power Plant - Envirologic was retained by Commercial Development Company (CDC), the purchaser of the former DTE Marysville Power Plant, which was slated for demolition and redevelopment.
  • Fort Custer Training Center - Since 1998, Envirologic has provided environmental services to the Fort Custer Training Center to assist staff with managing and monitoring natural resources.
  • Industrial Facility Vapor Intrusion Management - Envirologic was retained by an out-of-state client to conduct environmental services, including site investigation and vapor intrusion management, at a facility in Detroit.
  • Industrial Facility VI System - Envirologic installed a sub-slab depressurization (SSD) system at this industrial facility to prevent unacceptable exposure to contamination via vapor intrusion from beneath the building.
  • Inn on Water Street - Envirologic helped to bring the Inn on Water Street, an urban brownfield redevelopment project, to completion in the spring of 2018.
  • Jackson County Airport - Envirologic's role in the Jackson County Airport project was to assess and manage contaminated material from an abandoned sanitary landfill on site.
  • Metea Court Senior Apartments - Envirologic performed asbestos, radon and lead surveys and follow-up abatement and mitigation to support renovation at the Metea Court Senior Apartments.
  • Midlink Business Park - Envirologic prepared a complex Brownfield Plan for the 360-acre, 37-parcel Midlink Business Park, a former General Motors stamping facility.
  • New Production Facility - Envirologic was retained by a construction management firm and its client to provide a myriad of environmental services during construction of a new 100,000+ square foot production facility.
  • Pigeon Hill Brewing Company - Envirologic prepared a Brownfield Plan and Act 381 Work Plan to help Pigeon Hill Brewing Company receive reimbursement for eligible activities conducted during brownfield redevelopment.
  • Retail Gas Station - After identifying a release of gasoline at a retail gas station, Envirologic secured MUSTA funding and performed cleanup and site characterization activities.
  • Specialty Crop Processing Facility - Envirologic performed wetland delineation and prepared a permit application for a specialty crop processing facility installing a new wastewater treatment system.
  • Teal Lake Senior Community - During redevelopment of the Teal Lake Senior Living Community, Envirologic performed environmental services and helped guide multiple entities of a public-private partnership.
  • The Exchange Building - Envirologic was a partner in The Exchange Building project which entailed the successful redevelopment of a 0.6-acre surface parking lot in the heart of downtown Kalamazoo into a 15-story, mixed-use building with integrated parking.
  • Underground Storage Tank Removal - During the completion of foundation work for a new small business in Coldwater, Michigan, an underground storage tank (UST) was discovered.
  • WKW Extrusion - To successfully run a manufacturing business, it is imperative that you stay in compliance with state and federal government regulations -- for asset preservation, risk control and reduction, employee and public health, and protection of the environment.

Blog - Envirologic's project work frequently has a profound effect on its clients and the communities they serve.

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